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Entara Tanzania

Entara owns and operates safari camps and lodges in Tanzania. Entara was formed by a group of like-minded souls that found a common ground. Artists and safari guides, hoteliers, chefs and entrepreneurs – an eclectic tribe bound together by bonds of deep passion and commitment to Africa’s wilderness and its people. We learned through years of hands-on safari operation that the safari experience means nothing without that unbridled and raw connection to wildlife and wilderness. The soul of the safari experience can’t be conveyed through fancy décor and glass sealed rooms. It lives through a sense of adventure and a rekindled sense of wonder, through shared experiences and new friendships. Our whole team endeavours to convey this sense of wonder, passion and deep connection to wilderness and wildlife.

I love the focus on what makes a safari "real". Great locations, great guiding, small intimate camps, every comfort you need and gracious hospitality. The culturally-sensitive visit with the Hadza people from Kisima Ngeda Camp at Lake Eyasi, venturing deep into their territory (far from tourists) with the help of a beautiful fly-camp, was definitely the cultural highlight of my many visits to Tanzania. An experience without equal in safari-Africa!



Camp Fact Sheets, Images, and Videos



Katambuga House


Olkeri Camp

Lake Eyasi

Kisima Ngeda Camp

Serengeti National Park

Olmara Camp

Esirai Mobile Camp

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