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Arizon Trail Bikepacking Fundraiser -  April 2021

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Starting on April 10th, Johann will solo bike-pack The Arizona Trail from the Mexican border to the Grand Canyon (ca. 700mi / 1120km of distance with over 71,000ft / 22,000m of uphill climbing). This endeavor is yes fun for him, and also, a fundraiser for a very worthy cause, the Zambian Carnivore Programme. 10 cents/mile = $70 and 100% of your donation will go directly to ZCP to support their conservation efforts.

About Zambian Carnivore Programme (ZCP):
ZCP is a registered 501c3 non-profit focusing on conserving large carnivores and the ecosystems they reside in through science, action on the ground and local leadership. Effective Conservation Science relies on accurate and current data to guide and inform management actions. Consequently, research and monitoring play a fundamental role and ZCP is 100% field-based, with a full-time year-round research presence in their study sites. Conservation Action includes human-wildlife conflicts, bushmeat and anti-snaring, poaching, disease mitigation and improving large landscape connectivity. For conservation to be successful, local communities have to be effectively involved and Conservation Capacity therefore centers around Conservation Clubs, Citizen Science, Community Conservation, empowering Women in Wildlife Conservation and training the next generation of Conservation Biologists and Veterinarians. 100% of your donation will go directly to ZCP to support their conservation efforts.

About The Arizona Trail:
The Arizona Trail (AZT) is the premier desert single-track bike-packing route following an 800+ mile recreation trail from Mexico to Utah, connecting mountain ranges, canyons, deserts, forests, wilderness areas, historic sites and trail systems. The unforgiving terrain includes 71,000ft / 22,000m up of uphill, several unrideable (hike-a-bike) stretches and limited water supplies. Johann’s goal is to ride the 700 mile Mexico to Grand Canyon portion and finish in two weeks. As the trail covers such diverse eco-systems, there is a short window in spring and fall when it’s still a somewhat bearable “hot” in the lower-elevation deserts and at the same time the snow has melted out at the highest elevations. Johann will be fully self-supported, carrying his camping gear and provisions on his mountain bike, along with up to 8 liters of water! 


If you prefer to not download the App, you can either use the "DONATE NOW" button below or a similar button at bottom of the ZCP website.

(these link directly to ZCP's verified 501c3 Paypal account) 

About Donating through the GreenerAct App:
When we’ve done fundraising before, we heard frustrations at how much of a cut certain platforms take from what is being donated, or how much they charge. So, we’ve partnered with GreenerAct, an App which allows people to make positive changes by engaging in community projects and to support local causes, and, which takes NO cut and NO commissions from donations.

To donate through GreenerAct, simply download the App – it’s FREE; however, if you register with this specific code from me - GAP003102 - if you ever decide to upgrade and use it for business at any point, then even more money will get donated to ZCP.


  • Download GreenerAct from your App store, or from the website:

  • Use this Referral Code to register (if you ever use the App for business more money will get donated to ZCP): GAP003102

  • Search for Zambian Carnivore Programme under Greener Causes

  • Make a donation in whatever amount you would like; if you’re in the USA, ZCP is a registered 501c3 and you’ll get a tax receipt with all the necessary info!!

  • Check back in as this is where Johann will be posting photos and updates from the trail

GreenerAct’s mission is to improve the livelihood of local communities and protect the natural environment, while contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, by travelling and acting in a more sustainable way. This is where transformational travel meets sustainable development! GreenerAct has already partnered with some amazing entities doing respectable and responsible work in Africa and beyond. Brooke was happy to register Karoo Consulting as a business, or "Greener Place", alongside the likes of other partner and users of GreenerAct, such as Cottar’s, Africa’s Eden, The Long Run, The Transformational Travel Council, Tourism Declares Climate Emergency, and others.

While Johann is away and on the trail, April 10-25, Brooke is manning the phones so if you need anything regarding his partners in Africa please contact her (720-226-4545). And, please know, we are very mindful that our industry, and many others, have suffered serious financial loss throughout the past year. We have been overwhelmed with gratitude by the support you have shown us in our fundraising efforts for Africa, and, we are also sharing this with you now as we've heard from many that these fundraisers are exactly what your clients are looking for who share similar interests and want to make a positive impact now, before they are ready to travel again later on. We hope this will also help you engage with your clients via different topics still related to travel to Africa. 


We will post updates on Social:  (Johann: Facebook / Instagram, Brooke: Facebook / Instagram)

Johann & Brooke

Direct PayPal Link to Zambian Carnivore Programme

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