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Serengeti Balloon Safaris



Not all balloon operators are the same. As the first company to set a balloon aloft over the Serengeti more than 30 years ago, Serengeti Balloon Safaris has the experience, attention to detail and above all, safety record, to make your client's flight truly extraordinary.


To guarantee the best experience for your clients, please ask for Serengeti Balloon Safaris by name when booking a balloon safari with your DMC in Tanzania.

What makes Serengeti Balloon Safaris Unique?

  • More than 30 years of experience operating balloon safaris in Tanzania

  • All our pilots are trained to the highest international standards, with large commercial balloon pilot licences from Tanzania and at least one other country

  • Knowing local conditions right down to the little, local eddies of wind, which can make the difference between a good flight and a great flight

  • Attention to detail in every aspect of operation: From the smooth logistics to the specific design of the balloon, the knowledge of your pilot to the quality of your breakfast, the safety checks to the choice of cutlery. It's all important

  • Insurance is reassurance: Serengeti Balloon Safaris carries the best insurance available for the industry and for the year 2020-21, we have US$10,000,000 cover with no individual sub-limit

  • All our balloons have passenger safety belts, rapid deflations systems, steel skids and baskets reinforced with Lexan panels, all of which make them safer.

  • Safety first, every time! All our flights operate on a safety-first principle. Our pilots run through a rigorous pre-flight checklist and if he or she is not completely happy with conditions and wind speed at the time of take off, the flight will not go ahead.

  • Inspected and Fully licensed by Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority. All balloons are fully licensed and annually inspected

  • We have our own fully equipped maintenance facilities and factory certified technicians, who are trained and retrained in Europe on a regular basis

  • Our pilots are the most experienced and knowledgeable in Tanzania. They know the area, its history, the wildlife, the ecosystem, and love sharing this with our guests

  • Supporting the Trade: We have established the trust and confidence of Tour Operators and Travel Agents worldwide across decades of working together



Specifically ask for Serengeti Balloon Safaris when booking a balloon safari with your DMC!

Central Serengeti:   Year-around

Western Serengeti:  15th May - 15th Oct

Northern Serengeti:  15th Jun - 15th Jan

Ndutu:  20th Dec - 31 Mar

Grumeti Reserves:  Year-around, private charter, booked through Singita only

Tarangire National Park:  Year-around excluding April/May

Ruaha National Park:  Jun - Oct

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