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Sungani Lodge & Kulandila Camp

Located in the remote and wildlife-rich far southern reaches of Zambia's renowned South Luangwa National Park, family-run Sungani Lodge and its smaller sister, Kulandila Camp offer a new level of understated luxury and warm hospitality.


The Davy Family not only pours their passion into every aspect of running the lodge and managing the guest experience, but is also dedicated to restoring and protecting this unique slice of wilderness far from the maddening crowds. For three years leading up to opening the lodge to guests, extensive road networks were upgraded or built from scratch, a very successful tsetse control program was implemented and conservation systems put in place (Sungani became one of the largest donors to Conservation South Luangwa and works closely with the Zambian Carnivore Programme to monitor predators).

Having experienced most part of South Luangwa National Park, I love the beautiful landscapes and remoteness of this part of the park and that you'll in all likelihood not see a non-Sungani vehicle during your entire stay. Space to spread out and enjoy the excellent animal sightings, without distraction and at your own pace. The aim is to bring guests an unhurried, authentic and deeply emotive safari experience, so definitely plan to stay longer. Guiding is excellent, the custom vehicles extremely comfortable.

Both Sungani Lodge and Kulandila Camp have a real "sense of place" and unique individuality. Attention to detail throughout with great food, wines, linens, art, etc. and an overall feel perhaps best described as "relaxed sophistication". The entire lodge runs on solar power and the proper air conditioners (not the evening breeze style) at Sungani adds a level of comfort seldom seen in such a remote area.



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Sungani Lodge


Kulandila Camp

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