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Mwaleshi Camp - North Luangwa


LOCATION: Located in the vast wilderness of North Luangwa National Park, Mwaleshi Camp is situated on the banks of the Mwaleshi River within Zambia's largest rhino sanctuary.

SETTING: Mwaleshi is hidden within mopane forest on a scenic bend of the crystal-clear Mwaleshi River.

ACCOMMODATION:  Mwaleshi has just four thatched chalets which are rebuilt annually out of natural materials and have uninterrupted views of the spectacular Mwaleshi River and en suite bathrooms open to the stars. Bookings of 4 guests may request exclusive use of Mwaleshi Camp at no extra cost if the camp has no other bookings at the time of confirmation.

HIGHLIGHTS:  Being so remote, the Mwaleshi has a genuine feeling of solitude and seclusion. Similar to Takwela, it offers an intimate wilderness experience and the rare opportunity to visit a beautiful and unexplored area of the North Luangwa. In true Remote Africa Safaris style, expect excellent guiding, warm hospitality and delicious food as you would when visiting any Remote Africa camp. Mwaleshi is situated within a rhino sanctuary, improving chances of spotting this iconic species (Black Rhinos are shy, so more likely to see their markings). Expect to see elephant, puku, impala and several Cookson’s wildebeest grazing along the Mwaleshi verges as well as spotted hyenas wallowing in the shallows. Hyena in the North are known for their pack-hunting prowess rather than the scavenging behaviour typical in other areas of the Luangwa. There are several growing wild dog packs and healthy prides of lion to be found and tracking these cats on foot add an extra thrill to the walking safari.

ACTIVITIES:  There are few roads in this remote area and the majority of activities are done on foot, following existing animal trails through pristine savannah. Vehicles are use as needed to reach various hiking areas. Sleep-outs are offered for the more adventurous looking to get in tune with the wilderness of the Luangwa.

CHILD POLICY:  Children 12 years and older welcome at Mwaleshi.

GETTING THERE:  Mwaleshi is just a 25 minute scenic flight from our Lukuzi airstrip in South Luangwa, flying over the dramatic riverine landscape to Mwaleshi airstrip.

OPEN: 15th May – 31st Oct.


Mwaleshi Camp Website

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